Three common turkey-related injuries and how to avoid them

Accidents happen and the holidays are no exception. Whether you’re making a dish or a whole meal, there are a number of things that can go wrong. The old adage stands true, “proper preparation prevents poor performance”—or something like that. Check out these tips for avoiding common injuries and what to do in the event you can’t.

We don’t care about the premiums we care about you.

Carving the turkey is always fun, until someone gets hurt.

We’ve seen it in movies, we’ve seen it in person, and some of us unlucky ones, have seen it first hand, or finger…carving a turkey is a perilous task. A task made for only the bravest among us. For the veteran and inexperienced carver alike, lacerations are the most common form of fowl play. Sometimes it’s an electric carver, and other times it’s some good ole fashioned stainless steel—it’s never fun any time.

If you’ve been tasked with tackling this years turkey (or any form of avian entrée), make sure to follow these tips:

  • Cut away from yourself. That way you don’t risk the knife slipping and hurting any of your lower extremities.
  • ‍There’s no rush, people waited all day for this bird and they can wait another five minutes.
  • Make sure you have a non-slip surface. It’s not fun when you’re trying to serve a starving family member and the knife goes flying at the table. It’s just awkward. Try wetting a small hand towel and placing it under your dish.

Fried turkey is delicious and if you haven’t tried it yet, well…thank us later.

A fun way to prepare poultry—many enjoy deep frying the main course a lengthy process involving scalding hot oil…fun. As you can imagine, the most common injuries associated with this method of cooking would be burns. More specifically, burns on the arms and legs. Lets say the pot with oil spills and you happen to be standing nearby—unfortunate huh? Well first of all, we hope you wore pants. 

While they can’t protect you from gallons of the stuff, they can definitely deter some nasty burns. Don’t waste time—if you’re alone call 911 and wait for help to arrive. If you’ve got a loved one nearby, hop in the car and head quickly and safely to the nearest hospital. Do not try to remove clothing stuck to any burns and under no circumstances should you apply ice to any open wounds or burns at any time. This does more harm than good.

Big family? Bigger bird.

While not one of the usual suspects, heavier poultry can sometimes lead to injury. The unsuspecting chef can accidentally injure themselves with improper lifting techniques. As absurd as it may seem, remember that some turkeys can way upwards of fifty pounds. The most experienced bodybuilders will tell you, “never lift with your back, you’ll hurt yourself.” They’re right, lifting excess weight without proper form can cause damage to your back and waist. 

From strained muscles to herniated discs, no meal is worth a trip to the doctor’s office. Make sure you ask for help from family and friends if you feel the weight may be too much. If you’re alone make sure you lift with you legs and try not to lean forward. These simple steps can help you to avoid long-term discomfort. 

We hope you enjoy your thanksgiving festivities, stay safe this holiday season.