Summer Splash: Proper Suncare

Summer is definitely in full swing. As sales for sunscreen, lawn chairs, and umbrellas hit their peaks, people all around the country are preparing for some fun in the sun. For those of us who live in Florida, we endure the feeling year-round. To be fair, it does get a bit chilly from time to time, prompting some of our Miami natives to whip out their scarves and Uggs. Between the sticky, sweaty, humidity and the cyclical nature of the self-inflicted torture that is walking in and out of air conditioned spaces--it’s no walk in the park. Still, we completely understand the allure and desire to bronze yourself. However, practicing responsible sunshine shenanigans is just as important as having a blast. 

One of the most overlooked dangers in Florida is Melanoma or “Skin Cancer.” Florida ranks in the top 15 states in the country for Melanoma rates per capita. We rank in the top ten for melanoma-related deaths. These aren’t really the type of lists you want to top—ever. On average, 626 Floridians die annually from Melanoma. In 2009, there was an estimated 4,290 residents who were diagnosed with Melanoma. Get the picture? Good. There is one surefire way to prevent yourself from becoming one of the aforementioned statistics, use sunscreen. You might have to sacrifice some color but keep in mind that it would come at the cost of unnecessary stress to your body.

Simply put, unprotected overexposure to the sun is harmful to your health. More harmful than you probably think it is. Whether you’re working in the yard for a few hours or taking the SS Caesar out for a spin, cover up exposed parts of your body with a little SPF20. The difference will be substantial. Plus, nobody and we mean NOBODY enjoys a t-shirt tan. Unless that somebody happens to be you, in which case, you probably wear it well.

As Floridians, it is imperative that you visit a dermatologist periodically to check for any signs of possible skin cancer. If you or any of your family feel any lumps, painful swelling or notice new marks or spots on your skin—get it checked out. Don’t hesitate if you feel something is amiss. You might just miss your chance at getting the jump on a scary situation.

Let’s cover this once more with feeling:

  1.  Always use sunscreen

  2. Cover up exposed parts of your body if you ignore item 1.

  3. ‍Always reapply

  4. Apply sun block before submerging in water (it’ll last longer and be more effective).

  5. ‍ Avoid spray-on sunscreen that can provide spotty coverage on your skin

  6. ‍Bring an umbrella or parasol for when it’s time to find some shade

  7. ‍Visit your dermatologist regularly

  8. ‍ Alert your physician ASAP if you notice any irregularities with your skin

  9. ‍Avoid overexposure

  10. Never forget to bring a towel! 

If you have a preexisting history of dodging the ten tan Commandments, you’re a part of the demographic most at risk for Melanoma. We hope you take these words to heart. Remember at Insurance Nation, you’re IN the loop. The real premium is you and that’s never deductible.