New Year, New Coverage

We hope you’ve enjoyed your holiday season this year and wish you a fantastic new year. Now that you’ve been forced to readjust to your respective daily grind, you’re probably looking at a to-do list a mile long and chock full of whatever resolutions or goals you have for the year. Let us clarify some of the boring stuff for you: 

Coverage for the New Year

For those of you currently without healthcare plans under The Affordable Care Act, the open enrollment period is drawing to a close. While it has been open since November, the proximity of the deadline for open enrollment may come as a surprise to many. In order to avoid penalties for being uninsured we urge all of our readers to contact us to find the right plans for your or your family. Keep in mind that since the soft deadline for coverage beginning February 1st passed on the 15th, this next round of coverage will begin March 1st.  Here are a few more tips you may want to keep in mind while hunting or the plan that’s right for you:

  1. Make sure to double check for any available discounts that you can apply for.
  2. Have you applied for premium tax credits that can lower your monthly costs? Many applicants are eligible for these credits.
  3. Most importantly, reach out and let us answer your questions.

While you may be hesitant to enroll in proper coverage for whatever reason, the penalties can be rather steep. If you continue without healthcare the government has the right to charge you a penalty of up to 2.5% of your income or a total based on the amount of dependents in your home. The cost per dependent would be $650 per adult and $375.50 per child. Whichever cost is higher ends up in your mailbox with a pretty little due date.


Winter is over; don’t be left out in the cold holding the bill. Make sure that you have proper and comprehensive healthcare coverage for you and those you love. If you’re not up for the coverage hunt, we are. Give us a call today and let us help you find what’s right for you! At Insurance Nation we keep you IN the loop.