Holiday Travel Series: Your Car

In our first holiday safety post we discussed some tips for keeping your home safe and sound while you travel around. For those of you who have chosen to hit the road, literally, and become one of the 91% of Americans who travel via automobile—we’ve got you covered.

There are a multitude of variables associated with road trips, some are more uncomfortable and upsetting than others--most of them suck the fun right out of your vacation. Check out our go-to list for vehicular safety and preparedness in this weeks’ Vacation series.  

Carry Jumper Cables

A dead battery is one of, if not the, most common ways to find yourself without wheels. Many drivers have an emergency pair of jumper cables thrown in their trunk or backseat. If you aren’t one of these drivers, you should be. This is an easy way to avoid the possibility of getting stuck in an unfavorable location. Whether you purchase a basic set or a fancy one with its own detachable power source, make sure you’ve got one with you at all times.

Don’t know how to change a tire? Learn!

If you find yourself stopped in your tracks by a disabled or flat tire, it can be emotionally deflating. More so if you don’t know the proper steps involved in swapping it out for a spare. It takes far more time to call a third party to help you change a disabled tire, than it would to do so on your own. Find a do-it-yourself video online or follow our step-by-step guide on proper tire replacement. This skill is one of the most integral aspects of being an automobile owner. Not only does it save you time, but money as well!

Disabled Vehicle safety kit

Sometimes included with jumper cables, these kits can help protect you from unnecessary damages incurred after your vehicle becomes disabled. Should you find yourself stranded, and in a relatively unlit or unpopulated area, these kits are perfect in a pinch. Most consist of various road flares, reflectors and flashing lights that help to create a perimeter around your vehicle. This lets other drivers know where you are and can help you avoid careless collisions.

First Aid kit

Not all accidents occur to your vehicle—be prepared for anything. A simple first aid kit can help avoid further complications when confronted with bodily harm. Band-Aids, gauze, first-aid creams and alcohol swabs are all effective tools to combat injuries and subsequent infection. Whether it’s a baby boo-boo or something that requires more thorough attention, don’t be caught empty handed.

For everything else, make sure you’re covered.

Certain problems may arise that are both out of your control and difficult to manage. When this happens, make sure you’ve got professionals on call to assist you with these scenarios. A comprehensive automobile insurance package may include perks such as roadside assistance to help out in a pinch.

Insurance Nation would like to wish you a Happy Holidays and we hope you enjoy this wonderful time of the year.