DIY Home Safety Tips

Home is where the heart is and regardless of what your home looks like, we’re sure you love to spruce it up as much as we do. Have you purchased a fixer upper, are you looking to get some manual labor done, or do you have a project in mind that’s been waiting on your to-do list? Whether you’re a home improvement specialist or new to the game, at Insurance Nation we hope that whatever project you tackle—do it safely. There are numerous pitfalls involved in making alterations to one’s home, some of which can be especially dangerous.

First things first, when you’re planning housework—make sure you know what you’re doing. This may seem like common sense, but attempting any construction work without proper preparation is foolish. A simple slip-and-fall injury can cause you thousands in medical bills. If self-preservation isn’t reason enough, saving money should be. Be certain that you’ve researched every single angle involved in your project. This will save you from headaches in the future.

If your project requires any sort of subterranean adventures, dial 811 before you dig. Calling this number from anywhere in the country will notify your local utility companies that you are planning to dig on your property. They will then notify you about potential landlines or fiber optic cables that could impede your work. Respect these marks. Digging carefully around these, or avoiding them altogether, can help prevent unnecessary electrocutions and a variety of other injuries.

As with any other potentially dangerous activity, we recommend you wear proper protective equipment. Gloves, helmets, goggles—the list goes on. If it can help prevent an injury, it doesn’t matter how it looks, or if it’s a little too hot. Wear it. The alternative isn’t very pleasant should an accident befall you while on the “job.”

If you’ve done all of the above, keep in mind there are still various other unfortunate possibilities out there. Whatever you do, please do so with care. We love your monthly donations, but we like your health more. If and when the time comes to insure any additions you’ve made to your home, make sure you choose wisely. Insuring your property properly is a surefire way to keep your hard work safe and sound. At Insurance Nation we can work with a number of providers to find the coverage that’s right for you. We’re a phone call away, are you “IN the loop?”